Managing Critical Applications and Services

Monitor the health of your critical resources

Elyzium is a leader in providing solutions that deliver integrated visibility, control and automation.

Elyzium has worked with many organisations that needed to improve efficiency, reduce costs and assure their services. Our solutions based on IBM technologies allow organisations to:

  • Take a proactive approach to ensuring business service and application performance and availability 
  • Simplify operations management to cost effectively manage your complete IT infrastructure 
  • Monitor the end-user experience to identify and remediate problems before users are impacted

Whether you already have an availability management solution installed, or you would just like to start looking at better ways of controlling your estate, Elyzium has the skills and experience to ensure that your availability management solution will be a success from the very beginning, allowing you to start reaping the rewards as quickly as possible. We can help you implement solutions that will allow you to:

  • Automatically discover, model and analyse your IT assets 
  • Gain greater visibility into private cloud infrastructures while optimising workloads 
  • Ensure availability and optimise performance of your critical applications end-to-end 
  • Ensure high availability of your critical Microsoft resources 
  • Optimise SAP applications to achieve business and IT goals 
  • Track transactions and understand end-user experience 
  • Deploy deep-dive diagnostics for quick root cause identification

What if you have Tivoli Availability Management Solutions already?

For existing IBM customers we provide upgrade services for existing products and migration services. Please contact us for further information.