IBM License Metric Tool Implementation, Configuration & Software As-a-Service

Hassle free IBM licence compliance reporting

IBM Sub-capacity licensing lets you license an eligible software product for less than the full capacity of your server or group of servers. It provides the licensing granularity needed to leverage various multi-core chip and virtualisation technologies.

The sub-capacity software licensing terms are documented in the International Passport Advantage Agreement (IPAA). For this Agreement and Virtualisation Capacity Licence Counting Rules using Eligible Virtualisation Environments, please visit

The IBM Licence Metric Tool (ILMT) helps you maintain an inventory of the PVU based software deployed for your Full Capacity or Virtualisation (Sub-) Capacity environment, and measures the PVU licences required by software product. It is intended to help you manage your IBM software licensing requirements, and help you maintain an audit ready posture. End-users are responsible firstly for supplying the hardware and installation services required for installing ILMT. Secondly they must ensure it is configured correctly and maintained at all times, and finally create, verify, sign and save ILMT reports regularly.

Elyzium ILMT Services

IBM regularly audits organisations at random to ensure they are compliant with the terms of their Passport Advantage agreements, and that usage does not exceed entitlement. We work extensively with clients to help them ensure compliance with ILMT, and whilst the software is always installed, it is rarely configured correctly! This often leads to organisations having to pull IT budget from important projects for unplanned software purchases. Elyzium’s installation and configuration services remove this pain from your IT Organisation, ensuring that any unusual scenarios are catered for, and providing peace of mind that your business is 100% compliant with its Passport Advantage agreement.

Elyzium’s ILMT Software-as-a-Service Managed Service offering removes the need for our clients to purchase, install, configure and maintain their own infrastructure to run ILMT by locating the server component remotely at our secure datacentre. We then deploy agents within the customer infrastructure as usual, generating ILMT reports every 60 days to ensure compliance with IBM's Virtualisation Capacity Agreement is maintained, and mitigating the risk of unexpected licence purchases.

For further information regarding Elyzium's ILMT Service offerings, please download the datasheet.

IBM Passport Advantage Maintenance

IBM Software Maintenance is included with each software licence purchase that you make. The standard length of this cover is for 12 months and we strongly recommend that you continue to purchase additional cover as and when your maintenance is due. The cost of renewing Software Maintenance after it has lapsed is greater than keeping it current, as IBM impose a surcharge fee that is referred to as a Maintenance Reinstatement Fee. Within your organisation, you might refer to this as Passport Advantage or IBM Software Subscription and Technical Support.

Enhanced Support

Depending on the needs of your organisation, this low level of support may be suitable. However, as Tivoli Automation specialists, Elyzium believes that we are able to provide a more responsive, appropriate and customised service that will more adequately reflect your requirements.

We would like to remind you, that if you purchase your IBM Software Maintenance Renewal through Elyzium, then significant discounts might be available to you. For further information please contact us.