Maximise your application reliability

With Elyzium's Software Deployment Lifecycle Managed Service

Development and operations teams are asked to ensure the successful deployment of software applications and the security of their associated assets in an increasingly demanding, complex environment.

Deployment errors can result in the roll-back or down-time of software applications that are critical to driving revenue and running core business operations. Disorganisation undermines the establishment of repeatable deployment processes that ensure quality, auditability and compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Elyzium's accelerated deployment solutions decrease the time required for application deployment, increase the reliability and auditability of software change and promotion processes, and reduce the opportunity for manual error across deployment activities.

“We were delighted with speed and efficiency of the migration.” Group IT Operations Manager, Financial Services Institution

Solution deliverables:

  • Automating server provisioning and application deployment to reduce the number of errors and the costs associated with manually configuring systems and deploying software applications.
  • Tracking software releases to ensure that application builds can be easily re-created and that the correct development build is successfully moved into production.
  • Minimising lost revenue due to down-time through the reduction of build promotion errors and the increased accuracy of the test environment to mirror production.
  • Formalising the release promotion process to ensure teams have a method to promote software builds that is auditable and that ensures compliance with government regulations.

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