Elyzium Storage Management Services

Managing your storage infrastructure to ensure your costs don't spiral out of control

Your company's data is priceless. The loss of critical data from equipment failure or environmental factors can be a significant damaging, or even fatal, event.

In fact, research indicates that of the companies that lose their data in a disaster, 90% are out of business within two years. Whether large or small, your company not only needs to protect its data, but it also needs to ensure that its data is successfully backed up on a regular basis.

Elyzium's ITSM Health Check provides a thorough audit of your current IBM Tivoli Storage Manager environment. It will efficiently help ensure that your backups, disaster recovery plans and data retention policies are operating effectively and meeting your growth and performance requirements in line with storage management best practices.

Elyzium's ITSM Healthcheck allows you to gain maximum benefit from your investment in Tivoli Storage Manager.

The Challenges

  • Is the current capacity of the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server and its peripherals meeting growth requirements?
  • Are your Disaster Recovery Plans current, and do they allow for a successful recovery of both IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server(s) and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager client(s)?
  • Are your data retention policies meeting your current business requirements?
  • Are you consistently meeting your backup windows and recovery time objectives? Are you experiencing regular operational failures?
  • Are you following "best practices" in your data management policies?
  • Are you taking advantage of all the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager features and functions for your environment?

The Deliverables

  • Formal analysis and assessment of your IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server and associated client backups.
  • A written report detailing any changes Elyzium proposes to your TSM software configuration (or your environment), the impact of any changes, and the preferred method of implementing those changes.
  • Transfer of information to your staff, gained through working side by side with our experts.

The Benefits

  • Make sure your data recovery is efficient and effective.
  • Learn about and correct performance issues associated with data growth.
  • Correct data retention issues that can undermine backup performance and service levels.
  • Learn skills and gain hands-on experience from subject matter experts.
  • Make sure your Disaster Recovery Plan meets your business requirements.
  • Discover ways to take better advantage of your backup and recovery tools.
  • Help plan for future backup needs with skills transfer from experienced Elyzium professionals.
  • More efficient usage of your backup storage assets.

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