XpertCare Notification Service

Voice and SMS Notification

Reducing problem resolution times

Maximising service availability is the goal of every IT department, and is generally achieved by reducing the time to fix problems as and when they arise. Fundamental to fix time reduction is the ability to notify relevant members of the IT function that a problem has occurred, and provide them will all the required details to determine exactly what is causing the issue, so that ultimately they may fix it. 

Given the nature of today's mission critical networks and business applications, organisations are increasingly looking towards comprehensive management solutions that provide real-time monitoring and fault escalation policies. XNS is an advanced, interactive notification solution for use with Tivoli management software. By interpreting event information pulled directly from Tivoli Workload Scheduler (TWS) - and other applications - in real-time, XNS is able to dynamically contact the mobile devices of all the people that need to know about the event by SMS, based upon a set of predefined rules. Recipients are then able to acknowledge messages and execute recovery procedures directly from their mobile phones!

The smartphone is fast becoming the user interface of choice for many organisations’ mission critical applications.  By utilising the SMS device, XNS provides rapid notification of issues, dynamic interaction and collaboration, and accelerated event resolution, resulting in reduced downtime and improved service levels.

XNS provides significant, tangible benefits to large and small enterprises, including:

  • Guaranteed message delivery
  • Decreased mean-time-to-recovery from critical events
  • Automated problem resolution
  • Enterprise-wide events and alerts from a single platform
  • Reduced notification system administration
  • Accelerated return on investment for your Tivoli installation
  • Reduced support costs by allowing more out-of-hours staff to be "on-call", and not "on-site"
  • Effective communication with everybody who needs to be informed

Service Options

XNS is delivered by means of a highly cost effective “pay as you go” model, and includes options for SMS and Voice - both inbound and outbound - delivered via a dedicated line. Whichever options you choose, XNS is a transparent, easy to manage service which is billed quarterly in arrears, with easily accessible real-time website usage reports, and daily/weekly/monthly statistics provided as standard enabling you to be in control at all times.

Instructions for accessing the telephone demonstration can be found here.


XNS is fast and easy to install, with step-by-step documentation and telephone support provided by Elyzium’s XpertCare Team for installation and integration. Remote services for bespoke development are also available should your organisation require it.

If you have any questions, or require further information about the Xpertcare Notification Service and how it can benefit your business, then please do not hesitate to contact us, or click here for details on how to access the telephone demo.