Tivoli Workload Scheduler & IBM Workload Automation Support

Premium, cost-effective support for your business critical scheduling environment

Your organisations’ investment in IBM Workload Automation is significant, and IT needs to demonstrate a fast return on investment, coupled with a low total cost of ownership.

You have selected a specialist partner to implement the solution to ensure it is optimised to the requirements of your business, but what happens next? In today’s fast paced World, where agility is key should you wish to keep pace with the competition, how do you ensure your solution remains continually optimised, and running as efficiently as possible in line with ever-evolving business needs?

Large, specialist, in-house IT teams with the skills to support your complex environments are expensive.

In fact, specialist internal skills are often a luxury that the majority of today’s businesses are no longer able to enjoy. Yet Workload Automation is critical to the success of your 24/7 Business Operations, so being able to properly support your environment is essential, which is where Elyzium can assist.

As IBM’s most accredited Business Partner for Tivoli Workload Scheduler and IBM Workload Automation, Elyzium is well-placed to offer a range of Support Services to our clients. With different levels of service available to suit your needs – from Business Hours Support to a fully monitored, proactive Virtual Administrator – our services provide you with a safe pair of hands to care for your investment.

Business Hours & 24x7 Support

Service deliverables include:

  • Unlimited Business Hours or 24x7 Support from certified Consultants via telephone, email and website
  • Monthly reporting
  • Dedicated account management
  • Infrastructure Health Check
  • Continuous improvement via quarterly Technical Audits & our Patch Advisory Service (24x7 Support only)

Please see our Business Hours and 24x7 Support pages for further information.

Virtual Administrator Support

In addition to all of the deliverables of our Business Hours and 24x7 Support Services, XpertCare Virtual Adminstrator provides:

  • Fully proactive, remote monitoring and management of the health of your system on a daily basis
  • Free, onsite Support visits as and when you require them
  • Discounted Training Courses and Consultancy Services
  • Free Product Upgrade Workshop

Please visit our Virtual Administrator page for further information.