Elyzium Managed Services

Optimised service & reliability whilst cutting operational expenditure

Studies show that an ever increasing proportion of organisations plan to increase their use of Managed Services over the coming years.

The use of Managed Services can assist organisations in overcoming the prohibitive factors they often find themselves up against when it comes to the adoption of best of breed and next generation technologies, such as large capital investments and internal training requirements. Plus, with many businesses finding that up to 80% of their IT budget is required just to keep things up and running, Managed Services also provide a cost effective solution for organisations looking to optimise the return of any existing technology investments.

Elyzium’s portfolio of Managed Services successfully tackles the issue of spiralling operational costs associated with the proper management of the enterprise level infrastructure, which is required to be successful, and remain competitive in today’s ever more demanding marketplace. Whether you are looking to upgrade to next generation technology, or optimise the solutions you currently have in place, Elyzium have already invested significantly in the skills and infrastructure you need to meet your business goals. Whatever your requirements, we have a flexible solution to suit.

Benefits of Managed Services

  • Lower capital outlay and predictable monthly costs 
  • Access to a team of certified Consultants with decades of experience and knowledge gained working in the field
  • Significantly reduced operational costs
  • Peace of mind and one less thing for IT to worry about, leading to more productivity from your team
  • Future-proof services and a more resilient, secure infrastructure
  • Increased service levels
  • Better disaster recovery and business continuity processes
  • Faster time to market and to launch new services

Elyzium's Managed Service Offerings

  • Workload Automation; gain maximum value from your IBM Workload Automation or Tivoli Workload Scheduler investment
  • Software Deployment; maximise the reliabilty of your business applications
  • Storage Management; ensure that your storage infrastructure is being properly managed without costs spiralling out of control
  • IBM Licence Metric Tool; ensure compliance with your IBM Passport Advantage agreement and mitigate the risk of unplanned licence purchases
  • Availability Management; comprehensive monitoring of the health of your critical business resources